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Style Code:CUR-BSMS20
Surfboard Bag for Day Trips - the Supermodel - looks great, doesn't weigh much

 - Supermodel surfboard day bag is perfect lightweight protection for your surfboard
 - Ccustom pocket stash stores full wetsuit + gear
 - Padded adjustable shoulder strap
 - Side carry handle
 - 3mm foam core
 - Big tooth #10 zipper with delrin slider
 - Reinforced 600D nose and tail
 - Semi reflective silver tarpee both sides

The name Supermodel didn’t come around by accident. For a start this fine looking boardbag stuffs a whole lot of features into one tidy package……at a very light weight. It won’t bore you with intellectual conversation….. or eat your pie. And it possess a magnetic social appeal that means when you’re seen with a Supermodel, everyone will want to be your friend. Strangers will be lending you their wax and you’ll be getting whistled into set waves like never before…. 
And there’s more…. yes, the Supermodel will even protect your board! So if your journey to the surf consists of a stroll across the road or a short drive from a couple of blocks, the Supermodel will see you there in style, at a very attractive price.

Price: $94.50
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