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Style Code:CUR-STEPS20
Car Door Step Ladder for easy Roof Rack Access, attaches via Car Door Latch

This simple to use Car Door Step provides an instant and solid stepping platform for easy access to the roof of your vehicle.
Super convenient and handy for loading gear onto a roof rack, including surfboards and SUP boards, camping equipment, bikes or luggage.
Especially good for one man loading, the step provides extra assistance when there is no one around to pass boards or gear up to the roof.
The step is also super helpful for accessing hard to reach areas when washing your vehicle, and a better alternative than standing on seats.
The Car Door Step easily attaches to most vehicles via the universal car door latch, providing a solid and secure support that can hold up to 225kg 
Doubles as a hammer for breaking car windows in an emergency.
Folds away when not in use and stows in provided storage bag.

 - Made from strong, light-weight and durable Aluminum Alloy
 - Non slip design
 - Protective strip cushions between step and car
 - Includes storage bag
 - Suitable for most vehicles, please refer to image showing the type of safety latch your vehicle should feature
Price: $39.95
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